There is always a time in a parent’s life where they sit and wonder – what has happened to our child? Sometimes this problem itself is quite apparent, but many a times, the problem is hidden deep inside layers of other issues in the child’s life. We as parents, are open to identify the physical problems, but we shy away from talking about any psychological issues a child might face.

In either case, the root cause is identified only when the prominent symptoms are visible. By then, the disease has already gone out of the preventable line. School healthcare programs, today, are not sustainable and hence, not effective enough to ensure holistic good health of children.


Parents also lack the ability to control habits that may seem enjoyable in the moment but lead to health issues. Like, fast food – we love to see our children enjoy it, but it is making them weak from the inside. We as a society lack the concept of healthy lifestyle. Eating out, increased sugar content in the diet, no exercise, late sleeping routine – all these contribute towards gradual ill health of our children.

This absence of knowledge and conscious effort to stop labelling problems as behavioral alone and getting to the root cause is affecting the children more than we can see. Children are facing the danger of ill health – physical and psychological.

Overall, we are gradually moving towards becoming a weaker nation as our children are deprived of the opportunity of getting the care that can make them healthy.



school health programme objectives

Our cutting-edge health monitoring system for schools equips the school with knowledge and technology to track the health of each child and recommend actions for prevention of many ailments. We have devised a practical solution to the issues surrounding the healthcare control of children in the school. Our system keeps the parents in the loop to reassure complete transparency between CarenGrow, school and parents.

The system has the provision to record a detailed history of a child’s health. Our monitoring system is non-invasive, objective, intelligent, can be carried out by teachers with minimal training. It uses biomedical sensing and imaging technologies for collecting data.


It can be updated with the day-to-day changes in the child’s life. This way the system can track any changes and alert teachers and parents to take action for preventive measures. With our system, the power is in the hands of the care-givers of the children. This ensures timely action and healthier lives. All this can be done by small devices with minimum to no requirement of huge infrastructures and additional costs of healthcare professionals, at the initial stages.

The data is collated in the cloud and an algorithm analyses it to generate a clinical-grade health report card for parents. Based on the trend and analysis, parents receive customized health augmentation engagement for their children on health promoting habits in the areas of nutrition, physical activity and social growth. All data collected is stored as per strict privacy laws and compliance norms for the highest level of protection of confidential personal and health information.

Our uniqueness lies in the system architecture, the behavioral model based on latest research findings. We bring a rare combination of health education and practical healthcare solution. Our program provides personalized tips for building healthy habits in each child. These are based on a multitude of behavioral models like TTM, BMT, captology, SLT, social contagion. The key to our success lies in the personalized healthcare provided for each child. This empowers the caregivers with the knowledge they need to best take care of their wards.

The CarenGrow program can be used by schools for the following:

  • Health and wellness tracking – monitor the health of each child using a small device in minimum time.
  • Health behavior monitoring and assessment – monitor the behavioral patterns of the children to asses any deviation and nip the problem in the bud.
  • Health education engagement – educate the caregivers on healthy habits for children, monitoring the health of children and actions to be taken in case a problem is identified.
  • Habit-forming technologythe core of CarenGrow System – work with the system to bring about long-term healthy habit formation to ensure the children remain healthy throughout their lives.

The initial tests conducted have shown a big gap in the preventive healthcare of children in the society. The results are daunting yet reassuring that the CarenGrow system fills the gap. The system was able to identify the underlying ailments in children. Our test also showed the willingness of the families to actively participate in the system for the health of their children. The teachers, also got involved in this program with great enthusiasm.

CarenGrow was recognized as the solution for the preventive healthcare for children by schools and parents.



We, at CarenGrow, strongly believe in this statement. Therefore, we have come up with a preventive healthcare program for schools that helps in identifying any deviation from the normal progress of a child by continuous monitoring of various health parameters.

CarenGrow aims to create healthy nations by fostering the holistic development of children. We intend to eliminate the progression of a disease through early identification of the symptoms. We oversee the health of school children to keep track of their physical, psychological and behavioral progress. We use non-invasive, decision-based, intelligent monitoring system to assess the health of a child.

School health check up format


Schools have literally become second home to children. A growing number of schools have hours extending into the evening. Children affectively are in school for more than six hours. They go through many experiences at school, both physical and emotional. Most importantly, children feel safe at school. This makes schools a great place for conducting health checks. This is the primary reason we have chosen schools as our playground too. Our patent-pending methodology is brought into action by people children already trust – school teachers and support staff.

It is our belief that we can transform children’s lives through proper screening of the root cause of academic, physical and behavioral changes in them.

The CarenGrow system helps children stay healthy and progress well in all areas of life.